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Family Notes March 2018
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Family Notes - March 2018

This is a sample of the information provided to members of the P*rr*tt Society in the most recent edition of Family Notes. Family Notes is a 56-page printed magazine that is distributed to society members every quarter.

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The Origins of the P*rr*tt surname

The Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland for 1852 gives the following explanation for the origins of the P*rr*tt surname.

“The ancient family of Perrott derived their name from Castle Perrot, in Brittany, built in 957, by William de Perrott, whose great-grandson, Sir Richard Perrott, Seigneur de Perrott, in 1066, furnished William of Normandy with his quota of ships and men, accompanied the expedition to England, and settling in Somersetshire, commenced the building of a city, whose remains are North and South Perrott, between which the river Perrott rises and runs into the Severn. Sir Richard left issue by his wife, daughter of Sancho Ramyno, second king of Aragon, a son and heir, Sir Stephen Perrott, who, growing too powerful in the lands he inherited in Somersetshire, King HENRY I called him thence, and gave him as much territory as he could conquer in South Wales, which was then in confusion. He was thus forced to leave, with regret, the infant city his father had founded, and to which he had given the name Perrott; but not being able to contest it with HENRY, he went into Gloucestershire to raise forces. Not willing, however, to lead his troops into a country of which he knew nothing, he went to Wales in disguise in order to view the state of it, and was there struck with the beauty of Princess Helen, daughter and sole heir of Marchin, descended from Howel Dda, King of South Wales. She was no less charmed with his graceful stature, his amiable and majestic countenance, and most wonderful brilliant and piercing eye, which commanded reverence from all that beheld it. The conquest of this Princess, whom he married, gained him great part of that country, and the respect and love of the people”. The document goes on to mention their son Andrew, his son William, and a branch of the family in Gelligaer including a Reverend Gregory Perrott and his son of the same name.

These Welsh Perrotts are of course the family of Sir John Perrott, and if you are interested in his life you might like to read the 1728 publication The History of That most Eminent Statesman, Sir JOHN PERROTT, Knight of the BATH, and Lord Lieutenant of IRELAND.


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It's in the Papers

We’ve scoured the pages of newspapers recently added to the British Newspaper Archive website to bring you some P*rr*tt-related articles.


Mr. John Carnock, farmer, of Nibley, Gloucestershire, has obtained a decree nisi for a disolution of marriage on the ground of his wife’s misconduct with one Perrett, a maltster of Bristol.


The magistrates at the St. Augustine’s Petty Sessions, Canterbury, have had before them a case in which a hotel keeper named Alchin, residing at Herne Bay, was charged with permitting a theatrical company to perform certain stage plays on his premises, he not being at the time in the possession of a theatrical license. Mr. W. H. Perrette, the leader of the company, was also summoned for committing the offences, which took place on five different evenings. Defendants admitted that the performances took place, and Superintendent Walker, Kent County Constabulary, stated that he was instructed by the Chief Constable to press for a heavy penalty, the infringement of the statute having been persisted in after defendants had been warned by the police. Each member of the company, numbering about 20, was liable to a penalty of £20. The Bench ordered Alchin to pay a fine of £5, and £2 4s. costs, and Perrette was mulcted in the sum of £4 10s., including court expenses.


Mourning was general in Stony Stratford on Saturday morning, when the remains of the late Mr. William Rose Parrott were conveyed to their last resting place. Business was suspended for an hour, and the blinds of all the residences in the main street were drawn. At half-past eleven the coffin, covered with beautiful wreaths, was placed on a wheeled bier, and the cortege wended its was to St. Giles’ Church … The Rev. H. Last (vicar) read the opening sentences and the Rev. A. J. Moxon (Wolverton St. Mary) the lesson. The hymn “Jesu, lover of my soul” was feelingly sung, and as the mourners left Miss Bird played the Dead March in “Saul”. The coffin, of plain oak, with heavy plain oak brass fittings, was inscribed: “William Rose Parrott, died Feb. 26, 1913, aged 64 years”.

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This photograph comes from a postcard dated c. 1910 with the name Daniel Edward Parrott written on the reverse.

Research revealed that he was born 21st January 1879 in Sandwich, New Hampshire, the son of Horace Parrott and Naomi Danforth. He died 12th January 1950 in Concord and is buried at Meredith Village Cemetery in New Hampshire.

Daniel lived for much of his life in Carroll, New Hampshire, where he worked as a labourer. Daniel married Mary Conroy in 1915 and had three known children: Alice, Richard and Evelyn. His wartime registration cards record that he 6 feet tall with brown eyes and a dark complexion. At the time of WWI his hair was black, but by WWII it is recorded as being grey.

Ania Waterman (2060) found this impressive set of medals belonging to Lieutenant-Colonel Harold ‘Polly’ Parrott on eBay.

He served in the Indian Army and Somerset Light Infantry . The medals include an MBE. At the time of writing these medals are still for sale, perhaps in part due to the ‘Buy Now’ asking price of £800.

Can anyone tell us more about Harold and his family?

Chris Perrett (935) found this Victorian carte de visite on eBay with the lady’s name given as J. E. Parritt, Fairfield, Puckeridge, near Ware, Hertfordshire.

Derek John Parrott (387), Shirley Newton Chance (593) and Hazel Minchin (616) all have Parrott ancestors from this area, so perhaps a distant relative with a variant spelling of the name?

If anyone can identify her, please let us know.

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