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Letting Y-DNA sort out the various P-rr-tt families
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Ever run across other Parrotts? Or others with similar spelling, such as Parratt, Parriott, Parrett, Perrett, Perrott, Perrault, etc? Ever wonder if you belong to the same family? Here's the chance to use Y-DNA to identify which is your P-rr-tt family.

Why Y-DNA?
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  • There are now many types of DNA tests on the market, but only the Y-DNA test will identify your P-rr-tt lineage. Tests offered by Ancestry and 23&Me provide many types of information, but will not provide detailed information your paternal family's origins.

  • That is where Y-DNA tests come in. All men have a Y-chromosome, which is what a Y-DNA test looks at. Fathers pass this chromosome on to their sons, just the way they pass their surnames on. Their sons pass their Y chromosome on to their sons, forever. Thus all men within a family share an identical Y-chromosome, except for rare changes that happen from time to time.

  • These rare changes are known as 'markers', because they can be identified in a laboratory. The result of testing several markers is a string of numbers, such as 10-22-14-10-13-14-11-etc. Men of the same family share the the same string of numbers; unrelated men have different strings of numbers.

  • DNA testing is simple and painless: just a few cells scraped from the inside of the cheek are all that is needed.

  • The Y-DNA 37 marker test is a good place to start. If your goals are to confirm (rather than exclude) relationships, consider the Y-DNA 111 marker test. The Big Y-700 is the most comprehensive test, particularly if your interest is in the ancestral origins of your family line.

  • The Y-DNA Results
    & overall conclusions

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    About DNA testing

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  • Wayne Parrott
  • Harald Reksten
  • Note: The administrators run the project as volunteers and have no affiliation with any DNA testing company.
    Note: This map shows the parts of Europe where the various Parrott lineages appear to have originated, as determined by historical records and by DNA.

  • Links:
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  • The P-rr-tt Society
  • Catalog of North American P-rr-tt families
  • The Perrot family of Pembrokeshire- the first of the P*rr*tt families
  • Armorial bearings
  • Origin of the name Parrott, from Ancestry.com
  • French Heritage DNA Project
  • Parrott resources at Linkpendium
  • Repository for old Parrott photos-- please contribute!

    American P-rr-tts of note:
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  • Big Nose George Parrott- Train robber and notorious outlaw
  • How a notorious outlaw became a pair of shoes
  • Jacob Parrott, recipient of the first Congressional Medal of Honor (go to the link and search under Parrott)
  • Marcus Junius Parrott, congressman
  • Captain Robert Parker Parrott, inventor of the Parrott gun manufacturing process, and son of John Fabyan Parrott, US Congressman
  • The USS Parrott
  • Tiburcio Parrott, founder of Falcon Crest winery
  • William Fletcher Parrett, congressman
  • According to census records:
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  • Parrott was the 2434th most common name, accounting for 0.005% of the US population in 1990
  • Parrett was the 8803th most common name, accounting for 0.001% of the US population in 1990
  • Perrott was the 39,608th most common name in the US in 1990
  • Perrot is the 146th most common name in France
  • Message boards:
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  • Genealogy.com (L) & RootsWeb.com (R):
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  • Other resources:
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  • European Prehistory, Anthropology & Genetics
  • Genetic study reveals Yorkshire is most Anglo-Saxon part of UK, while East Midlands is most Scandinavian
  • ISOGG: International Society of Genetic Genealogy
  • Colonial legal terminology
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