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The P*rr*tt Society

The P*rr*tt Society, covering all spellings of the name, was officially inaugurated in April 1984. The formation of the Society was a direct result of the publication by George Perrett in 1983, of his book In Search of Perretts. Mr Peter Perrett of Crowborogh, East Sussex was instrumental in establishing the Society and was the Secretary for many years.

The aims of the Society were as follows:

  • To maintain an association of those interested in the origins, history and development of the various branches of the family, the various spellings of whose names are shown on the letterhead of the Society
  • To inform members about matters of topical interest relating to the family, and to publish genealogical and biographical information.
  • To encourage the study of the history of the various spellings of the name shown on the the letterhead of the Society and to encourage the publication of definitive research where this is appropriate.