Victor Cecil Perrett

1905 marriage photo of Victor Cecil Perrett (1883-1968) & Margaret Callendar (1886-1957). Victor was born in Geelong, Victoria and is pictured alongside his parents George Walter (1821-1903) born in Pewsey, Wiltshire & Elizabeth (1847-1921) nee Bush born in Odd Down, Somerset, who married in Germantown in 1863. George emigrated in 1857 with his first wife Mary nee Moon (1823-62) and they had 9 children, four of them born in Oz. Another eleven children followed from his second marriage – bit of a one-man population explosion was George! He descends from Richard (1734-1809) & Sarah (1736-94) nee Nash of Wilsford, Wiltshire, Richard was a son of Henry & Mary nee Buckland.

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