The P*rr*tt Society, covering all spellings of the name, was officially inaugurated in April 1984. The formation of the Society was a direct result of the publication by George Perrett in 1983, of his book In Search of Perretts. Mr Peter Perrett of Crowborogh, East Sussex was instrumental in establishing the Society and was the Secretary for many years.

Triple Trouble!

Triple Trouble! A long time ago a member kindly sent me part of an article taken from an issue of the ‘Strand Magazine’ for 1898 on the subject of triplets. Part of the article reads as follows: “Our next instalment of triplets represents the Misses Harriet, Jane and Lizzie, daughters of John and Harriet Parrott, …

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Potato Creek Johnny

Potato Creek Johnny…John E. Perrett…is a Deadwood legend. He is seen in this photo above showing off the gold nugget he found while prospecting (reportedly the largest ever found in the Black Hills) and his prized solid-gold watch chain. Diminutive in stature, he stood 4 feet 3 inches; grand in personality, Johnny remains a true …

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