Parrett History

Susan Parrett Ingels and her son Mark are researching their Parrett ancestry and have created a very interesting website documenting some of their research so far (

To date, they have only been able to identify four people in this excellent Parrett family picture – Joseph Gatch Parrett (1), Mary Jane Butters Parrett (2) (wife of Joseph), Rachel Hannah Parrott Bender (3) and Lewis Calvin Bender (4) (husband of Rachel). The family descend from Frederick Parrette who arrived in Virginia in 1737. It is believed that this picture was taken in – or near – Whiting, Kansas.

Can anyone help Susan & Mark to name the other family members in the photograph? They can be contacted via email: (please also copy in the editor to any correspondence so that we can provide an update in a future issue of Family Notes)

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