Samuel Perrett

We know that the older gentleman pictured on the right above is Samuel Perrett (1809-1882), the painter & photographer who lived in Bridgwater, Somerset, who is the ancestor of several Society members. Indeed, copies of this photograph are owned by family members in the UK, USA and Australia!The picture on the left is reportedly of a younger Samuel and is owned by his great-great-grand-daughter Pat in New Zealand. This is according to her mother’s note on the back, but the question is, how reliable is that information? Certainly, his brow and the curl of his hair around his ears bears some similarity, but how sure can we be? It’s definitely not his son Charles – Pat’s great-grandfather – as we have numerous pictures of him and he looks quite different.

The Editor would be interested to hear the views of members on whether they think this is the same man or not.

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