The British convicts who were sent to America

The British convicts who were sent to America

The Ancestry website has recently published a new record set containing details of the British men, women and children who were deported to the American colonies between 1614 and 1775. The source for these records is The Complete Book of Emigrants in Bondage, 1614-1775 and More Emigrants in Bondage, 1614-1775. These records includes a number of P*rr*tt entries which I have transcribed below with the various abbreviations from the original records written out in full.

As the county in which the person was sentenced has been recorded, it may be possible to identify a member of their P*rr*tt family who disappeared from UK records after the date of transportation. Equally, the records can help to explain why an ancestor first went to America if you’re researching family history on the other side of the Atlantic. Maybe this could help us to make hitherto unknown connections between US P*rr*tt families and those in the UK. If you recognise any of the names listed and can add to their story we’d love to hear from you.

Parratt, Adam. Reprieved for transportation for Barbados Dec 1667. (Sentenced at Middlesex).

Parrett, Alice. Alias Alice Turrall. Reprieved for transportation for Barbados Feb 1664. (Sentenced at London).

Parrott, Ann. Alias Ann Griffiths. Sentenced Jan-May 1738. Transported June 1839 on the Forward to Maryland or Virginia. (Sentenced at Middlesex).

Parrott, Charles. Sentenced Sep 1737. Transported Jan 1738 on the Dorsetshire to Virginia. (Sentenced at Middlesex).

Parrott, Edward. Sentenced May 1722. Transported July 1722 on the Alexander to Nevis or Jamaica. (Sentenced at Middlesex).

Parrott, Elizabeth. Sentenced Apr 1752. Transported May 1752 on the Lichfield. (Sentenced at London).

Parrott, Gawin. Of Brampton, yeoman. Reprieved for transportation to Barbados July 1683. (Sentenced at Cumberland).

Perrott, Jacob. Sentenced Mar 1749. (Sentenced at Cornwall.)

Parrott, John. Sentenced to transportation for stealing shirts Apr 1735. Transported Dec 1735 on the John. Landing Certificate at Annapolis Sep 1736. (Sentenced at Middlesex). (Reportedly served 14 years as an indentured servant. Descendants moved to Fountain County, Indiana, then spread to Illinois, Iowa and Missouri).

Parrott, John. Sentenced for life summer 1771. Landing Certificate Bal Co., Maryland July 1772. (Sentenced at Wiltshire).

Parrott, John. Alias John Sparrow. Sentenced Jan 1774. Transported on the Thornton. May Landing Certificate AA Co., Maryland Jul y1774. (Sentenced at Westminster Sessions).

Perrot, John. Reprieved for transportation for life July 1771 .Transportation Bond to Virginia Apr 1772. (Sentenced at Wiltshire).

Perrot, John. Sentenced Oct 1771. Transported Dec 1771 on the Justitia. (Sentenced at London).

Parrott, John Jr. Transported for 14 years Dec 1771 on the Justitia. (Sentenced at Surrey).

Parrott, Joshua. Of Kensworth. Reprieved for transportation for Barbados or Jamaica July 1715. (Sentenced at Hertfordshire).

Parrott, Leonard. Sentenced Lent. Transportation Bond May 1745. (Sentenced at Yorkshire).

Parratt, Richard. Sentenced and reprieved for transportation for stealing a horse summer 1738. Transported October 1738. (Sentenced at Bedfordshire).

Perrott, Roger. Transported May 1767 on the Thornton. Sentenced at Kent).

Parrott, Thomas. Sentenced Oct 1728. Transported Nov 1728 on the Forward but died on passage. (Sentenced at Middlesex).

Parrot, Thomas. Transported Jan 1734 on the Caesar. (Sentenced at Buckinghamshire).

Parrott, Thomas. Sentenced Summer 1759. Reprieved for transportation for 14 years Lent 1760. (Sentenced at Lincolnshire).

Perrott, William. Sentenced Dec 1768 . Transported Jan 1769 on the Thornton. (Sentenced at Middlesex).

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