It’s in the Papers

It’s in the Papers

We’ve scoured the pages of newspapers recently added to the British Newspaper Archive website to bring you some P*rr*tt-related articles.

NEWCASTLE EVENING CHRONICLE (Northumberland, England) – 16th January 1896

ONE CHILD KILLED AND SEVERAL INJURED. Among the incidents of a heavy north-westerly gale which swept over the country yesterday there is none more pathetic than that which relates to the fall of a chimney-stack at Low Moor, Bradford. The pathos lies in the fact that the victims were tiny children – little more than babies … While the storm was at its height one of the chimneys of the Raw Nook Infants’ School was blown down …

The school, which is within a short distance of the Low Moor Station, is one of several which the Low Moor Iron and Coal Co. have generously provided for the district … [Miss Inglis said] “I saw little James William Parrott struck. One large stone fell on him and crushed his head as he gave a startled cry” … It was seen that Charles John Parrott, less than four years old, the son of a ticket collector at the Low Moor Station, could not survive his injuries. The poor little fellow’s skull was fractured and within an hour of the accident he was dead.

WESTERN MAIL (Glamorgan, Wales) – 31st January 1934

CAPT. GEORGE PERRETT, BRITON FERRY. The death occurred on Tuesday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Albert Young, 32, Wallace-street, Neath, of Capt. George Perrett, an old Neath Trinity House pilot and an old resident of Briton Ferry, aged 84. Capt. Perrett was a pilot at Briton Ferry for many years and afterwards captain of the harbour tugboat.

He was the last of the old regime of pilots and the last of four brothers who had been pilots in the port. He was the father of the late Lieutenant Fred Perrett, the Welsh international forward, and he leaves two sons, Mr. Arthur Perrett, Swansea, and Mr. Albert Perrett, Briton Ferry, and four daughters.

NEWCASTLE EVENING CHRONICLE (Northumberland, England) – 1st June 1886

A VIOLENT CHARACTER AT WASHINGTON. – At the Gateshead County Police Court, this morning, James Connel was charged with being drunk and disorderly at Washington on the 29th ult. He was further charged with entering the house of Hugh Parrett and breaking five panes of glass and the framework, and also with assaulting Hugh Parrett by blacking his eye. He was sent to gaol for a month with hard labour.

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