It’s In the Papers

It’s In the Papers

We’ve scoured the pages of newspapers recently added to the British Newspaper Archive website to bring you some P*rr*tt related articles.

SOUTH WALES GAZETTE (Abertillery) – 10th March 1944

ABERTILLERY POLICE COURT. N.F.S. Property. Before the Magistrates at Abertillery Police Court on Wednesday, Idris James Leonard Perrett , aged 23, of 10, Brynmorgan terrace, Cwmtillery, pleaded guilty to stealing a bristle dartboard valued 25s. And a wool blanket valued 14s. 11s., from Cwmtillery N.F.S. Action Station. Perrett, when questioned by P. c. Parsons, stated he never had one. Where further questioned, Perrett admitted having sold the dartboard for 15s. The accused said he took the blanket home after being on N.F.S. duty to put on his bed, because of the cold weather. Perrett was bound over in the sum of £5 to be of good behaviour for 12 months.

SMETHWICK TELEPHONE (Smethwick) – 21st July 1928

PRESENTATION TO MR. A. E. PERROTT. The exception service which Mr. Arthur E. Perrott , who is on the staff of this journal, has rendered to his fellow craftsmen was recognised at a meeting of the West Bromwich, Oldbury and Smethwick Branch of the Typographical Association, held at the Cape Hotel, Spon Lane, on Wednesday evening. Mr. Perrott was president of the Branch for nearly five years (1924 1928). His successor in that office, Mr. S. Bates, made the presentation, which consisted of a handsome timepiece, with Westminster chimes. It was suitably inscribed. Mr. Bates, Mr. E. Box, Mr. G. Pearce, Mr. H. Freeman, Mr. E. J. Martin and Mr E. W. Stansbie spoke of the estimable qualities which Mr. Perrott had displayed and expressed gratification that his active interest in the Branch would be maintained. In tendering his acknowledgements, Mr. Perrott referred to the enthusiastic manner in which he had been assisted by his colleagues during his term of office. He also recognised the amicable feeling which existed, not only throughout the Branch, but also between the members of the T.A. and the Master Printers’ Association. His interest in the prosperity of the Branch would be keen as ever.

SOUTH WALES GAZETTE (Abertillery) – 6th March 1908

Disagreement over Rhubarb. John Perrett (33), collier, Fleur de Lis, was summoned for assaulting Daniel Williams at Fleur de Lis on February 19 th . Mr. T. Hughes, Brynmawr, appeared for the complainant, and Mr T. C. Griffiths, Blackwood, defended. Daniel Williams stated that some rhubarb roots were removed from his garden by Perrett, who deposited them on his front doorstep. Witness took them away again, and Perrett came up to him and shook him severely, threatening to knock his b head off. In reply to Mr Griffiths, witness denied that the land from which the rhubarb was taken was the property of Perret or that he had ever claimed int. Mr Griffiths submitted that he had no case to answer, there being no corroboration. The Bench dismissed the case.

NEWCASTLE EVENING CHRONICLE (Newcastle) – 27th December 1926

BEDROOM INTRUDER. Girl Wakes to See Former Friend and Policeman. When Robert Perrott , of Southend, was charged on remand, at Southend, with being in the house of Mr. Thomas Taylor, Victoria Avenue, for an unlawful purpose, the latter’s daughter Ivy said she awoke to find a policeman and another man in her bedroom at 3 a.m. Mr. Taylor, giving evidence, stated that at one time Perrott was friendly with his daughter, but six months ago she asked him not to call at the house again. Miss Elsie Taylor, another daughter, told the Court that she was sitting in the dining room at midnight on Dec. 13, when Perrott suddenly put his head round the door. “I chased him but lost him,” she declared. Miss Ivy Taylor, cross examined, denied that she knew Perrott was in the room before the police arrived. Perrott’s solicitor Do you think this young man would have done you any harm? I do not think he would. It was urged on behalf of Perrott that he merely went to the house to see Miss Taylor. He was bound over for 12 months on the first charge and fined £1 for possessing a revolver without a certificate.

DAILY GAZETTE FOR MIDDLESBROUGH (Middlesbrough) – 1st January 1908

A DISRUPTED ROMANCE. Among those who arrived at Plymouth to day from New York on the Majestic was John Henry Parrott , who is wanted by the London police in connection with the alleged fraudulent sale of a motor car belonging to Mr Andrew Fletcher, a Scotch gentleman. Parrott left later by a train for the metropolis accompanied by Detective Sergt. West of Scotland Yard. It is stated that Parrott went to America from London with a young lady whom he intended to marry.

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