It’s In the Papers

It’s In the Papers

We’ve scoured the pages of newspapers recently added to the British Newspaper Archive website to bring you some P*rr*tt related articles.

Daily Mirror (London) 30 January 1929

Her Shooting Box. Lady Perrott has just left London with her daughter Priscilla, who was a debutant two years ago, for Rome. Miss Perrott is not only attractive, but because of her witticisms and amusing sayings which, no doubt, she inherits from the great aunt, Maria Marchioness Ailesbury, she is very much sought after at parties. Miss Perrott is very lucky, for she is the possessor or her own shooting box at Withypool.

Hampshire Advertiser (Hampshire) 3 December 1938

Well known in Southampton. Mr. Frank Perrott, who died at his home in Fawley on Monday morning aged 58, was assistant engineer at the A.G.W.I. refinery. Formerly, he was engineer designer with Messrs. Day and Summers, Northam, for many years. When Mr. Perrott joined the engineering staff of the Agwi Petroleum Corporation about 10 years ago, the refinery at Fawley was very much in its infancy, and he had a big share in bringing it up to its present position as one of the largest in the country. From the first, his great energy was remarked by all; his thoroughness for detail and his fine example have left a mark which will not pass away. In the works, Mr. Perrott was found to be always a capable and sympathetic leader of his men, and out of the works they found him a true friend. In the social and welfare sections he was an ever ready helper, and there was no branch of that work with which he was not actively associated. Under his chairmanship the Musical Society grew from a small glee party to an association which, for the past five or six years, has presented very successfully several of the works of Gilbert and Sullivan. A family circle which has always set a pattern of the English home at its best has lost a husband and father who had few to equal and none to excel him. For the funeral, on Thursday, a choral service was held in Fawley Church, with members of the Agwi Musical Society in the choir stalls. Mr. John Follett, a member of the Society, sang the solo “By Galilee’s Calm Waters,” which was a great favourite with Mr. Perrott. The Vicar (the Rev. C. Cole Hamilton) officiated.

Daily Mirror (London) 16 March 1925

SAVED BY MATTRESS. Father, Mother and Three Children Jump from Burning House. A Sheffield family narrowly escaped death yesterday morning, when their house caught fire. James Parrott, living in St. Stephen’s road , was awakened by the smell of burning, and, rushing out of his bedroom, found the staircase impassable. The only other exit was by means of the window, and Parrott accordingly threw out of the window mattresses and other bedding, so that his wife and three children and finally himself were able to jump to safety.

Saint James’s Chronicle (London) 31 May 1817

Hatton garden. Yesterday G. Harvey and Esther Perrott were brought here, the former for stealing two sheep, the property of T. Saunders, at Islington, and the latter for receiving the same knowing them to be stolen.

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