Father, dear father

As all male members of the Society know only too well, Fathers are long suffering, patient people and those with daughters who are about to get married are even more so – and if you ask how I know, I’ve been there! But my experience runs to 3 sons and only one daughter, so I have to take my hat off to Mr. Peter P. Parrott who at the end of the 19th century lived in Orange County, New York.

The New York Times records the marriages of 4 of his daughters. Think of the expense, the endless discussions of dresses, invitation lists, and having to greet long lost relatives you had secretly hoped never to meet again …………………

But back to Peter Parrott! Here’s how the New York Times recorded the 4 great days:

19 October 1866DICKINSON – PARROTT. On Wednesday Oct 17 at St. John’s church, ‘The Greenwoods’ Orange County by Rev. Charles Babcock assisted by Rev Dr. Francis L. Vinton, George Fox Dickinson to Jane Arden, daughter of Peter P. Parrott, Esq.

24 April 1874WHIPPLE – PARROTT. In this city April 23 1874, at the Church of the Transfiguration, by Rev. John Potter, assisted by the Rev. Dr. Houghton, Mr. N. Dana Whipple, to Roberta Parker, daughter of Peter P. Parrott of ‘The Greenwoods.’

14 June 1879RANDALL – PARROTT. On Thursday June 12, at St John’s church, The Greenwoods, Orange County, NY, by the Rev. W.H.De L. Grannis, assisted by the Rev. Samuel Moran, Miss Hannah Parker, daughter of Mr. Peter P. Parrott, to Mr. John Wirt Randal of Annapolis, Md.

10 June 1886: KISSAM – PARROTT. At Greenwood, Orange County,NY, 8th June, Mary Antoinette, daughter of Peter P. Parrott, to Philip Kissam

These are just the weddings I found. Who knows if Peter Parrott was blessed with even more daughters?

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