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It’s In the Papers

… International

Fort Wayne Sentinel (Fort Wayne, Indiana,USA) 3 October 1890
A Dance Disturbed and George Parrott Under Arrest

Last night Officer Borgman, the new policeman whose beat is in the Eighth Ward was summoned to the new house of Mr. Oetting on East Lewis Street where a dance was in progress. It appears that several young fellows came upon the scene and caused trouble. The officer arrested George Parrott and after some difficulty lodged him in the Station House. He then returned to arrest one of the fellows who interfered with him but the entire party had dispersed.

This morning Parrott retained John F.Rodabaugh to defend him. The charge preferred was trespass which Mr. Rodabaugh made a motion to quash. The case was set for Monday at 2pm, before the mayor. Perrott furnished bond for his appearance.

Evening Chronicle (Marshall, Michigan,USA) 14 December 1925

Mrs George R. Perrott went to Kalamazoo this afternoon where she will attend a concert this evening. She will be the overnight guest of Mrs. Alfred Curtenius and return home tomorrow.

The Courier-Mail ( Brisbane, Queensland, Australia ) 15 March 1940
Perrett-Perrett Ceremony

Miniature horses and cattle were appropriate decorations on the three tiered wedding cake at the marriage of Miss Penelope Perrett and Mr. Gilbert Perrett at Mount Hope, Nanango, celebrated on March 12 at Kabunga, Kinbombi, the bride’s home. Both the bride and the bridegroom are well known for their horsemanship.

Bristol Times and Mirror (Bristol, England) 15 July 1897

Jabez Perrett of Seaguy, farmer, sued a neighbour named J. Fry, a tailor, for the value of a sheep killed by the defendant’s dog on 14 March. Evidence was called to prove that the dog was seen eating the sheep and his Honour gave a verdict for the amount claimed of 50 shillings (£2.50) to be paid in instalments of 4 shillings (20p) a month.

Australian Town and Country Journal, 13 Aug 1892

The city police authorities have decided to abandon the prosecution in the case of Mr. Leon Perrett who was under remand on a charge of unlawfully making photographs of the fortifications at Townsville. No reasons were assigned by the authorities for this action.

The photographic apparatus and other articles found in possession of Perrett have been returned to him. Mr.Perrett again appeared at the Police Court on September 5 when Inspector Durham stated that he wished to withdraw the charge.

Defendant’s counsel claimed professional expenses and stated that he had a letter from the Chief Secretary expressing regret at any inconvenience caused to the defendant. The police magistrate refused any costs and dismissed the case.

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