Merchant Navy officer Arthur Parritt

This is a picture of Merchant Navy officer Arthur Parritt. Sadly the picture is not sufficiently clear to make out the name of the shipping company for which he worked, but it may be that amongst our readers is someone who knows about such things and can enlighten us! Arthur came from a typically large Victorian family; he was the son of William Parritt (1839-1915) and Charlotte Caroline Hopper. In the 1891 census Arthur, born in Gravesend in 1878 was one of 9 children. By 1901 he had gone to sea and was serving as an Able Seaman on the ‘Norwood’ of West Hartlepool.Father William was a house painter and decorator, born in about 1840 in St Martins in the Fields, London. He was a descendant of Mary Edmonds. Mary’s husband in turn descended from Conquer Perrott (1675-1838), born in Evenlode, Gloucestershire and died in Enstone, Oxfordshire.

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