Josiah Perrott

Josiah Perrott who emigrated to Australia with his wife and 2 of his children in 1855. Josiah was born in about 1822 in Allington, Dorset (a suburb of Bridport). He married Anna (or Hannah) Payne in Allington on 1847; born in about 1831 she was still a minor at the time. Before they emigrated to Australia in 1855 they had 3 sons: Henry Sydney (1850), who did not travel with them; Frederick George (1851) and John (1854) who did. The reasons for leaving Henry behind are unclear, but he later served in the army before eventually moving to Australia and marrying Annie Morton Lamb there.At the time of their marriage, Josiah and Anna, like so many others, were illiterate. However in later life in Australia Josiah went to school with the school children and learned to read and write. One of his grandsons later said that Josiah was admired for his courage in going to school with children.

In addition to their children listed earlier (John died young) Josiah and Anna subsequently had a daughter in Australia, who they named Annie Elizabeth (1865) The family lived in Moorooduc which was the early name for Mornington. Josiah died there in 1911, 18 days after Anna.

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